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Comfort priority when dressing

Fashion Trends with ANGELA CHISHIMBA
AUGUST is a windy month and should be treated as such when it comes to clothing.

This is not a month to wear mini-skirts or dresses if you are looking for comfort.
Do not expose yourself to the cold all in the name of fashion.
Comfort and happiness should be your priority when dressing for any occasion, and windy days are no exception, says Candy, who owns a blog, OwlGirl.
Here are some tips on what to wear in windy weather, courtesy of the OwlGirl blog:
1. Wear lots of underwear layers. On windy days, always wear a thermal vest. If you have thermal long johns or pants, those are a good idea, too.
2. Long skirts or tight skirts are best when it’s blustery, but it’s still nice to have that secure feeling that your skirt is going to stay where you put it!
3. Cover up your whole body! Wear long sleeves, wear tights, and if you are going out for a while, make sure to cover your head and neck. We can lose a lot of heat through these areas, so always wear a long woolen scarf and a hat when you leave the house. Also, make sure to seal up any areas where drafts can get in!
4. Layers also work on your legs – so, wear tights, long socks, and legwarmers. You can get really creative with patterns and colours when you wear lots of layers!
5. If you have long hair and don’t want to be picking it out of your mouth all day, I would advise you to wear it in a nice, simple up-do, or plaits, when it’s windy.
And as you consider these tips, do not forget to finish your outfits with knee boots that are ideal for the windy weather.
I hope these tips will help you pull through this cold and windy season healthy and sound and, of course, fashionable.
Have a blessed weekend.
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