Comedy series debuts on ZNBC TV2

AFTER months of anticipation, Ndu, a Zambian comedy series, was premiered last Friday on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) TV2 channel.
Produced by Sam Mbewe of Climax Images Productions, ‘Ndu’ is a Lozi word meaning house. It is a story depicting a real life struggles in Zambia with the character, Bashi Mapalo, at its centre.
He is trying to make it in life and will do anything to get to the top but faces challenges because the connections he is introduced to don’t seem to be working.
Later, his family life crumbles and his wife loses trust in him because of his cheating habits. He tries too hard to be a wealthy man and entangles himself in black magic practices.
Mbewe told the Weekend Mail that the series is locally produced with the cast being the cream of Zambian comedy.
“The comedy has so far received positive response from the public. It is very encouraging to see our very own Zambians supporting what is local. I am very impressed,” Mbewe, who also wrote part of the series, shared.
Meanwhile, Zambia Comedy Association (ZCA) president, Chibwe Katebe, who plays a role in the series and directed the series said the comedy will continue showing every Friday on the national broadcaster.
“The series has 26 episodes and will show every Friday for six months. It will run for 30 minutes during each episode,’’ Katebe said.
He said the comedy aims to provide light moments in Zambian homes and caters to both the young and old viewing audience.
The main cast includes Boniface Ngoma who plays Bashi Mapalo and has 13 years’ experience in the comedy industry.
Chibwe Katebe, who is the 2008 MNET Stand up Zambia comedy show first runner-up, stars as Fackwell.
Comedian Brighton Sinkala stars as Uncle Mulyatilile. He has performed in Swaziland at the Royal Swazi Theatre and at the Royal Regency Hall in London as a standup comedian.
Actor and comedian, Levy Ngoma popularly referred to as Dr Bikiloni was not left out in the series. His appearance also makes Ndu a production to look forward to.
Other cast members include Ardes Suntwe who plays Aunt Agnes and has over 15 years’ experience in radio drama and Theresa Shindende who featured in Zambia’s top drama Kabanana playing Bana Tunwell.
The Zambian film industry is presently flowing with local content with new shows also recently airing on DStv’s Zambezi Magic channel to the delight of local viewers.

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