Comedy Lounge back at The Frog

THE Comedy Lounge, which regularly ran at the Best Western Plus Grand Hotel in Lusaka, is making a comeback, but this time at The Frog on Kabelenga Road, next to Levy Business Mall.
Comedian Chibwe Katebe, who is behind Comedy Lounge, says the first show will run on May 29, and will be followed by monthly shows. The shows will be starting at 20:00 hours and the charges are K50.
“The venue is good because it is suited for comedy. Its small and so the comedian can get up -close with the audience. Also, The Frog has a mature audience. The idea is to be bringing in two comedians every time we’ve a show. I will just be hosting the show. We want to bring in one experienced comedian and some upstart,” Chibwe says.
The Frog is turning out to be a centre for the entertainment in the centre of the city.
Other than the comedy shows, it regularly hosts salsa and kizomba nights as well as practice sessions on Wednesdays for those wanting to make a start.
But more recently, it has become some kind of pilgrimage for those who want to have some fun in the week. Every Thursday, it hosts Petersen King Solomon, who has hugely impressed the regular Frog faithful that he has become the talking point for them when he is not performing and they are having their usual drinks.
It is called Zagalife!
Petersen’s shows at The Frog are no ordinary or the usual where you have singers miming to a song. He has evolved as a performer, and is now able to perform live with a band. That is one aspect that has endeared him well with the patrons. But other than that, it is the lyrics on his songs on which he shows some deep thinking particularly on some of the social-economic issues affecting society.

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