Comedians provide stress relief

FROM left: Show hosts Collins Zulu aka Fanike, Chilufya Kachingwe (Ba Napsa), Emmanuel Mpande and Ginnethon Shandele (GC The Teacher) at Unza Chapel last Saturday.

THE University of Zambia (UNZA) chapel last weekend transformed into comedy central when local comedians staged the Laughter is Medicine show.
The show began at 18:30 hours with an opening act by Saliyah Miyanda, aka Vubwi, an upcoming young female comedian.
Her drunken stage act comprising staggering movements and a slurring voice was a source of much amusement to the night’s comedy patrons.
Her performance was followed by a series of comedy acts which included one by Cheelo Mwanachingwala, famously known for his witty Facebook posts on a page titled, ‘Toilet Sit.’ The audience erupted during Cheelo’s time on stage as he bragged that he was no longer a comedian but in fact a celebrity certified by the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS).
Chilufya Kachingwe, aka Ba Napsa, stepped on stage and joked about the difference between the lifestyles of children born in rich families and those born in poor ones. He recalled how he suffered during his early days in primary school when he didn’t have a uniform and relied on his older brother’s.
His strength on stage was in his ability to tell a sad story touched with humour and make the audience laugh.
The show host, GC The Teacher, known for humorously singing Ed Shareen’s song, Perfect, in ciTonga and for his comedic take on real-life situations, was the man of the night.
He asked the ladies in the crowd why they used to take years to say yes to a proposal in the past, teasing that winning a woman’s heart back then was tough work but today’s women say ‘yes’ even before men propose love to them.
Of course, the audience wanted to have a feel of Perfect in ciTonga, but alas, time would not allow GC The Teacher longer than his allocation on stage.
The most humorous moment, judging from the loud and endless laughter from the audience, was when Fanike Bwana Njombe (Collins Zulu), who likes mimicking ‘Dr Joze’, stepped on stage and entertained the audience by imitating how certain police officers speak in a Tonga-Nyanja accent. Of course the infamous sex doll debate was included in his script as he made fun of how women are suffering now that they have the dolls as competition.
Choma-based artiste, Emmanuel Mpande, was on hand to provide a musical treat during intervals.

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