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Come up with tourism master plan, State urged

THE Hotel and Catering Association of Zambia (HCAZ) has urged Government to come up with a tourism master plan to guide the sectors operations.
HCAZ president Daniel Mweetwa said the rate at which the sector is progressing will be negatively affected if; the country does not implement a plan for the sector.
“As a country, we need a master plan on tourism which will encompass all facets of the industry. The plan should cover all aspects of the sector as it is wide,” Mr Mweetwa said in response to a query last week.
Mr Mweetwa said going forward there is also need for Government to increase funding to the sector and come up with incentives that will attract more investors in the industry.
He said incentives will open new areas that have tourism potential and inturn develop the industry to significantly contribute to the growth of country economy.
“If Government puts the right infrastructure such as roads, airstrips and buildings in places where there tourists’ attractions are, particularly, in remote areas it will attract the private sector to go and invest there,” he said.
On policy formulation in the tourism sector, he said Government made wide consultations with various stakeholders to establish a policy to guide the sector last year but, to date it has not been implemented.
Mr Mweetwa said the implementation of policy has the potential to boost the sector.
“Zambia need a policy that will help the sector attain the required growth and maintain standards needed in the sector to compete internationally,” he said.