Comaco to distribute 50,000 rocket traditional stoves

COMMUNITY Markets for Development (COMACO) plans to construct and distribute 50,000 rocket traditional stoves to small-scale farmers in Eastern Province to enable them preserve the environment.
The project will be implemented under the direction of C-Quest Capital (CQC) a social impact investment firm with experience in climate protection and carbon finance, focused on providing energy services to poor developing countries with support from the German Development Bank, KfW’s Carbon Markets Foundation.
According to a statement posted on Comaco website, the stoves are designed to improve the fuel efficiency for cooking, therefore, saving trees and will benefit rural farmers in Comaco’s operational areas of Luangwa Valley.
With technical assistance from Total Land Care Green (TLCG), Comaco is helping 60,000 households in the area install mud-brick rocket stoves, with the potential to expand to 100,000 member houses.
The statement says to ensure successful project implementation, Comaco engaged and mobilised 35,500 rural farmers in 15 chiefdoms to mould 805,000 bricks for making stoves.
“Currently, rural households in the Luangwa Valley use three-stone open fires for cooking, which contribute to high levels of carbon dioxide emissions and also pose health risks from breathing in fine particulate matter in wood and woody biomass smoke.
“If the project is successful in meeting its early implementation goals, and we can show evidence that there are buyers for these carbon credits, the project will be expanded to 80,000 stoves and operation extended into 2016,” the statement reads.
It says the stove model is mainly made of materials available at the village level such as bricks, clay and dung mortar. However, some metal parts have to be brought in from local manufacturing centres within the country and Malawi to ensure high efficiency.

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