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‘You are as cold as ice’

IT IS not strange for some men to disrespect their wives and call them names, especially if they want to get rid of them.
This is what happened to a woman of Ng’ombe township who was told by her husband that she was as cold as ice in bed.
The visibly angry Judith Phiri, 23, said her husband Solomon Ndhlovu, 33, of Kabanana township has been mocking her and telling her that she is not woman enough.
“My husband tells me that there are women who are warm in bed and I was not one of them”, she said.
This was heard before Justices Hope Mwila and Bertha Zulu in a case in which Ndhlovu sued Phiri for divorce. The duo got married in 2007 and have two children together aged seven and four.
Phiri said Ndhlovu told her that he does not love her and has on several occasions threatened to kill her if she does not leave him.
She also complained that Ndhlovu had at one time dragged her from their bedroom to the living room while naked and started beating her in the presence of their two children.
But Ndhlovu told the court that Phiri is an adulterous woman who was once caught red-handed.
“I have been suspecting of having an extra-marital affair. I even answered a phone call from a man who was asking to meet her,” he said.
Ndhlovu, who has been on separation with his wife for a month, said he wants his marriage dissolved because Phiri had a habit of packing her belongings and going to her parents’ house every time they had an argument.
Passing judgment, the court upheld the claim and dissolved their marriage saying their marital disputes were irretrievable.
The couple was advised to equally share property acquired together.

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