Coins aren’t money at toll gates

A MOTORIST pays toll fees at Kafulafuta on Ndola-Kapiri Road. Government recently introduced Road Toll Gates on Great North Road. PICTURE: MATHEWS KABAMBA.

SOME users of the Mumbwa, Kafue and Shimabala toll gates have alleged that cashiers refuse to accept coins as payment.
Getrude Kasangala said a cashier at the Mumbwa Toll gate refused to accept coins amounting to K20 last week.

“I was in the company of my son and he asked me for money to pay at the Mumbwa Toll Gate, I gave my son a K10 note and coins amounting to K10 to make K20 and the cashier refused the coins forcing my son to use his visa card,” Ms Kasangala said.
Another user at Kafue Toll Gate Goodson Gatsi said his experience came as a surprise because coins are legal tender.
“I had coins in my car and when I presented them to a lady cashier in a booth, she refused. I asked why and she told me it was a challenge to compile them for banking. I insisted and she let me go,” Mr Gatsi said.
Mr Gatsi said a similar incident happened again when he got to Shimabala Toll Gate when he presented coins amounting to K5 together with K10 and K5 notes.
“It was not only the Kafue lady, even when I got to Shimabala on my way to Lusaka from Harare, a cashier in the booth refused to accept coins amounting to K5, it was a mixture of K1 and 50 ngwees. The lady refused saying, she will be stuck with them because even other users do not accept the coins as their change,” Mr Gatsi said.
Reacting to the allegations, National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) spokesperson Alphonsius Hamachila said coins are legal tender and are accepted as payment at all the toll gates countrywide.
“Coins are a legal tender and there is no way one can refuse payment in coins. If there are such cases, then it is unfortunate. The affected people should check the receipt that they are given and report such a cashier to my office. On each receipt you get, there is a name of a cashier and that way, it is easy to locate the respective cashiers at all toll gates,” Mr Hamachila said.


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