Clubs to decide fate of national rally champ

THE Zambia Motor Sport Association (ZMSA) has given clubs the leverage to decide the fate of the 2020 national
ZMSA p r e s i d e n t S a m Ching’ambu said in an interview in Lusaka that all national events are hosted by clubs who bear costs including for administration during events hence the leverage to make them decide the fate of the national championship.
“ A s Z M S A , we make proposals on the African Rally Championship, which we normally host, and we asked FIA to have it cancelled for 2021 because given the situation we are in, we are not able to host,” he said.
“So for national championships, we have thrown it to the clubs and hoping that we would get a feedback from the clubs. We shall give guidance whether we can continue or not, or can we format it in another way where it doesn’t attract a lot of costs.” CLICK TO READ MORE

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