Letter to the Editor

Clubs should educate players on fair play

Dear editor,
NAPSA Stars goalkeeper Bola Masosa has become famous for wrong reasons. During Sunday’s Charity Shield semi-final clash against Zesco United at Nkoloma Stadium in Lusaka, Masosa deliberately elbowed Zesco midfielder Dave Daka.
His offence did not end at elbowing Daka in an off-the-ball incident and assistant referee Leonard Akapelwa was consulted widely by FIFA referee Wisdom Chewe before awarding a red card to Masosa and a penalty to Zesco.
The Napsa bench reacted angrily to Masosa’s elbowing of Daka and this may cost the goalkeeper a place at the club.
The incident is an eye-opener not just to Napsa but other clubs on the need to teach their players fair play.
These players sing and pray before and after matches but their actions are sometimes inconsistent with their behaviour.
Masosa must be recommended for rehabilitation.

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