Clubs differ on matches during international break


SUPER Division clubs have differed on playing matches during the FIFA international break.

Power Dynamos chief executive officer Ricky Mamfunda said the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) is spot-on to allow teams to take the pitch during the international break.
Mamfunda said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that while the normal trend is to suspend league games during the international break, the situation is not ideal for Zambia.
“I think FAZ were correct to let the league be played during the current international break. This year our league is congested following the increase of teams from 18 to 20.
“If we continue putting off games, we might see the season going up to January, which is rainy season, and it is difficulty to play in the rainy season on some pitches in the country,” Mamfunda said.
But Nkana chief executive officer Kenny Mwansa said there was need for the league to go on recess during the international break.
“In my opinion, there has been a lot of football that has been played and I think we should have gone on a break because there has been too much football recently and teams are getting mixed results,” Mwansa said.
Nakambala Leopards acting chairman Obert Habasimbi said his club is not affected by the international break because they have no representation in the national team.
“For us [Nakambala] we are not affected at all. I think the clubs that are affected are those that have key players with the national team,” Habasimbi said.

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