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Clinton Kapepe to unveil album on Christmas

HE WAS only seven and struggling to get into grade one when his dear mother passed away.
And being the last born, his father and three siblings became the only comfort and pillar of his life.
At the age of seven, it is every child’s dream to enrol in school, have your mother prepare you for your first day at the school and prepare you that packed snack for your first break.
But it was not so for gospel minister, Clinton Kapepe, 22, sadly lost his mother in 2000, two years before he could test the feeling of being a grade one at Makasa Primary School. He was at the school through to grade nine.
And according to Clinton, he was too young to understand why God choose to “take” his mother and leave him a single orphan in a world where mothers play a pivotal role in the lives of toddlers.
But 15 years down the line, Clinton who completed his high school at Mumbwa Secondary School last year now understands why certain events happen the way they do.
His ministry, which began as a grade one pupil in 2002, was full of some musical thrills in both his home church, Palm of God Ministries where he played the drum set as well as at school.
In one of his songs Mwisakamana, which is the title of his debut album, Clinton reckons everything that happens in this world happens at the time of God.
A full time minister of the gospel, Clinton believes even with the challenges which go with youth unemployment, God will always make a way where there seems none for those who call upon His name.
Ndepalwa is one of his songs of declaration which makes him believe that no matter the situation, he will one day be blessed with finances let alone a good job to lean on.
Similarly, Nimpalwa is another song that declares that before you can even see the blessings of the Lord in the physical, believe that you are blessed and begin to praise to God.
With his songs mainly inspired by the Holy Spirit the Bible, Clinton, is full of life as he strongly acknowledges that the Lord is Holy.
Ni Lesa Wamweo is one song that is edifies the Holiness of God, His Majesty, as Clinton goes to call Him in one of his other songs that truly defines the real definition of a spiritual album.
But with inspiration from the likes of Jojo Mwangaza, arguably one of Congo DR’s finest migrants to Zambia now based in Norway and Benjamin Dube, one of South Africa’s most adored worshipers of the gospel, Clinton is on simply song.
His other songs which he will be unveiling at the Revival Fire Mission Ministries in Mumbwa on Christmas Day include Yesu Niwamukulu, Muli Bakulu and The Truth.
During the album sampling, Clinton will be joined by another of the young gospel revelations, Noel, of the Sinizagona gospel album.
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