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Climate change at UN

WHEN leaders gathered in New York for the 74th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA74), the perils of climate change dominated the speeches.
President Edgar Lungu had joined other global leaders at the UN at which he made Zambia’s case on the real effects of climate change.
From tropical storms, hurricanes and typhoons in the Caribbean to cyclones, floods and droughts in some parts of southern Africa, the world is without doubt experiencing extreme weather patterns which are the resultant effect of climate change.
In their trail is the catastrophic destruction of property, displacement of populations, and deaths, while creating acute humanitarian distress and economic shocks through famine, poor health and poverty among societies.
The weather seems to be going haywire across the globe and climate change is no longer a figment, myth or a hoax as could be seen by the calamitous flooding in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe which affected close to 2.2 million people recently.