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Clergyman, NGOs partner against vices

A CLERGYMAN in Chilubi district in Northern Province has pledged to partner with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and government departments in fighting vices that contribute to school dropouts especially girl children.
Nicholas Chipoya said in an interview that there are high school dropout levels on Chilubi Island as most parents do not encourage their children to go to school.
“People in this area depend on fishing, and due to high poverty levels, most children would rather be with their parents at fishing camps to catch fish for sell instead of being in school,” Father Chipoya said.
He said this has negatively-impacted on girl children who end up getting married inorder to help their parents to come out of poverty.
The priest said the Church has deliberate programmes of sensitising children in schools as well as parents in communities on the importance of education.
“We are also including peace and justice programmes which talk about the infringement of human rights, we have realised that some children are deprived of the right to education by their parents,” he said.
Fr Chipoya said the Church is working tirelessly to encourage parents work hard to provide for their children and pay for their school fees.
“Parents need to be educated on the importance of education, marrying off children or sending them to catch fish is not a solution to poverty eradication, parents themselves should work hard for their children,” he said.
Fr Chipoya said Chilubi Island has a population of over 80,000; most of whom are women and children.