‘Clergy sacrificing girls for the love of chicken’

CHIEF Shibuchinga of Lufwanyama district on the Copperbelt has castigated clergymen in his chiefdom for allegedly sanctioning marriages involving under-age girls.
The traditional leader said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday that the clergymen in his chiefdom have failed to offer solutions to problems of early marriages because they are the ones who usually sanction the marriages.
Chief Shibuchinga said when pastors are invited to officiate at weddings involving under-age girls, they gladly oblige because they are interested in feasting at the ceremonies.
“The pastors in my chiefdom have insatiable appetite for chicken. This is the reason they sanction marriages involving young girls because they are only interested in eating,” he said.
Chief Shibuchinga said his chiefdom has since enacted laws to punish parents and clergymen that sanction marriages involving young girls.
He said the young girls will not only be withdrawn from the marriages but punishment will also be meted on the parents.
Chief Shibuchinga also appealed to non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders to visit his chiefdom to sensitise his subjects on the dangers of marrying off young girls.
He said as a traditional leader, he will work closely with government in ensuring young girls finish their education for them to have a bright future.
Chief Shibuchinga said government has built schools in the area which the young girls must utilise to improve their lives instead of opting to get married.

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