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Clean shave lands man in trouble

A LUSAKA man who told his wife that he had travelled away on duty has been caught at his own game of lies when his spouse noticed he came back with pubic hair shaved.
When the man jumped out of bed naked, his wife asked him who shaved his pubic hair forcing him to confess his lover got him drunk and in the process shaved his hair.
This was in a case where Evelyn Mwamba of Chaisa Township sued Charles Makasa also of the same township for divorce at the Matero Local Court.
The two have been married since 1995, have five children and pride price was paid.
Speaking before Justices Lewis Mumba and Petronella Kalyelye, Mwamba said problems in their marriage started in 2001 when Makasa began sleeping out.
“Each time he travelled out, he would tell me lies that he was on duty. Sometimes he even goes away for two weeks,” she lamented.
She said despite him working, Makasa does not provide for his family leaving Mwamba to fend for the family.
Mwamba said the last time he left home, he went back shaved and when she asked him who did it, he said his lover got him drunk and he did not realise she was shaving him.
She also said, they have sat with family to sort out their problems but Makasa does not change.
It is to this effect that Mwamba told the court she wants to divorce.
And in his testimony, Makasa said he sleeps at work as he sometimes works late hours.
“When I was away for two weeks I was spending nights at a friend’s home who was counselling me,” he said.
He, however, complained to the court that when he gets home, Mwamba does not give him food but only prepares for herself and the children.
During cross-examination, Makasa said he does not want to divorce because he has a child who has fits and if Mwamba left him, no man would manage to take care of that child.
And when Justice Kalyelye asked him why he leaves his family for long periods of time, he said Mwamba is his assistant who he expects to take over his responsibilities when he is away.
Passing judgment Justice Kalyelye granted divorce and ordered Makasa to compensate Mwamba with K8,000 and also K500 monthly instalments for child maintenance.

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