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Clatthe ‘smells’ ARC title

JASSY Singh’s hopes for a second African Rally Championship (ARC) title suffered a major setback yesterday in Kigali, Rwanda, when Jaspreet Chatthe emerged victorious in the Gorilla Mountain Rally.
With two more legs left, Chatthe moved a step closer after finishing the 12-staged Gorilla Mountain challenge on 1:52: 15hours against Jassy’s 1:54:42 hours.
According to results released by Muna Singh, the Kenyan finished the Rwanda Gorilla Mountain Rally with 1:54 minutes ahead of Jassy.
Jassy took a three second lead after stage seven but faced a hiccup in stage eight when his gear lever broke, which was later fixed, and proceeded to stage nine.
Rwandan Giancarlo Davite’s car rolled in stage nine and Jassy stopped to assist.
Jassy complained that the route had too many ordinary cars and bikes that caused Giancarlo to roll.
“Sorry guys, almost had it, I lost in the last stage. We found three on-coming cars at different places and we just drove to the end. Didn’t want to risk our lives over a win,” Jassy said.
The ARC has two more legs in Uganda and Madagascar.