Civil registration vital, says Mwila

Minister of Home Affairs Davies Mwila

MINISTER of Home Affairs Davies Mwila says there is need for every citizen to undergo civil registration as it compensates for certain privileges that the state offers.
This was according to a speech read for him by the Ministry’s permanent secretary Elwyn Chomba at the commemoration of the Civil Registration Day in Lusaka on Monday.
Mr Mwila said civil registration was vital for every citizen as it does not only account for one’s belonging to a certain country, but also provides for certain privileges
“Civil registration does not only register you to a country, but it comes with a certain advantages like one’s right to acquire employment in the government, one’s right to open banking accounts with different national banks etc.” he said.
Mr Mwila said the ongoing registration exercise that the ministry has begun will also provide for social protection against civil and human rights violation.
He said people’s rights, especially children, are violated as many are physically abused, forced into child marriages or denied the privilege to acquire an education
“This exercise we have begun will register people in different fields and children inclusive. If a child has a birth certificate, then they have a right to attend school and no one will force them into marriage as this certificate will protect against such” the minister said.
He said the Ministry of Home Affairs will work closely with the Central Statistical Office, World Health Organisation and other cooperating partners to ensure members of the public participate in the civil registration exercise.
He said the registration exercise will run until March 20, 2016 and it will account for all types of registration, but the three main ones include; birth, marriage and death.
Mr Mwila said the other registrations to be undertaken will include acquisition of national registration cards, passports, adoptions, education bursaries and voters’ card.
And Mathews Nyirongo, representing the registrar general, said the Department of National Registration has a mandate to register vital events in all districts.
Mr Nyirongo commended the Ministry of Home Affairs for embarking on the civil registration exercise.

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