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City woman, village man poles apart


IN HER quest to explore city life and get away from village hardships, a woman of Serenje has abandoned her husband.
Lindi Bwalya, 30, was dragged to Chipulukusu Local Court by her husband, Mwandu Kunda, 33, for deserting him.
Kunda narrated that he married Bwalya in 2004 and that he paid K5 as dowry. They have five children together.
Kunda told the court that problems between them started when Bwalya left the village to visit her brother in Ndola in 2018.
“We were staying very well in the village but in 2018 my wife’s brother called and told me that he wanted his sister to visit him in Ndola,” he said.
Kunda said after his wife left for Ndola, she has never returned to the village.
He said later her brother informed him that his wife would not go back to the village.
He said his brother-in-law asked if it was possible to repay him K5 dowry through mobile money as her sister wanted to marry another man.
In her defence, Bwalya alleged that her husband used to mistreat her. CLICK TO READ MORE

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