City president, secretary suspend each other

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PROBLEMS at Super Division side City of Lusaka have taken a new twist with club president Justin Zulu and general secretary

Charles Tembo suspending each other.
Committee member Christopher Chilongo said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the executive agreed to suspend Tembo during a meeting held on Monday.
“The meeting was attended by the board of trustees and the club executive. We addressed his unprofessional conduct. He [Charles Tembo] had been summoned to attend the meeting but failed to be present for reasons best known to himself.
“He has lamentably failed to carry out his duties as the general secretary of the club.
“He [Tembo] has not attended executive committee meetings for more than three times and under our club constitution, when an executive member misses meetings for three times or more they are supposed to be disciplined.
“This act attracts sanctions as stipulated by our constitution .It is under the constitution that we are suspending him. We have given him seven days in which he has to exculpate himself,” Chilongo said.
He said the suspension letter has already been sent to Tembo.
But when contacted, Tembo dismissed the suspension and instead announced the suspension of Zulu for alleged abuse of authority.
“As far as I am concerned I’m still the general secretary and with the powers vested in me I hereby suspend the chairman [Justin Zulu] for misconduct. Yes, I can confirm I have received a suspension letter and it was delivered by Christopher Chilongo.
“City of Lusaka is an institution and not a kantemba, the club has set its rules and regulations to be followed when handling such issues.How can I be suspended in absentia? I was out of town when the chairman texted me about a meeting on Monday afternoon,” Tembo said.
And Zulu said: “Tembo resigned from the executive committee on June 24 through a Short Message Service (SMS). He resigned, he sent me an SMS which I have on my phone as proof.”
Meanwhile, City club member Mbuna Mwanza said the team is performing badly because players are not motivated.
Mwanza called on the executive and the City fraternity to work together if Yamoto are to survive relegation.
He said the happenings at City are worrying.

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