Letter to the Editor

Circus on printing of ballot papers

Dear editor,
THE circus on the printing of August 11, 2016’s elections to be held in Zambia and conducted by Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) begs a lot of answers from those opposing the selection of a preferred bidder by the ECZ.
What is known to all of us is that the advert was put out by the ECZ stating their benchmarks for the one to be selected as the preferred bidder to print the ballot papers.
It is also a fact that all stakeholders are required to have representation when the printing and packaging is taking place. Where then is the problem?
Are we saying ECZ and Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA), tasked to select the best bidder to single source instead? Do we trust those who are to represent us when the printing and packaging take place?
Didn’t the picked preferred bidder by ECZ and ZPPA meet the bench marks set by the advertising agencies especially that this year’s elections come alongside the referendum?

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