Churches guided on personal agendas

Fr Chikoya.

NEWLY-APPOINTED Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) secretary-general Emmanuel Chikoya has called for an end to person agendas, emperor

building and ‘sheep stealing’ as these are dividing the church.
Fr Chikoya says the church in the country appears to be divided due to perceived competition.
He said in an interview that the church should begin to unite without compromising its values.
Fr Chikoya said his administration will seek more collaboration among religious organisations to effectively serve the masses.
“We would want to ensure more collaboration among churches as opposed to competition. I think there is a lot of competition going on right now because people want to be better than the others, but as Christians, we are not called to be better than others but rather should identify what God is doing and participate in it,” Fr Chikoya says.
He says power struggles, selfishness, internal and external wrangles should be avoided as they breed chaos.
Fr Chikoya says if the church appears to be divided, it will easily be destroyed.
“Sometimes, there are other players who would be happy to see a divided church, because a united church is a threat to certain interests.
“No one is calling for one church, rather collaboration and still maintain our identity,” Fr Chikoya said.
“So, the aspect of unity and not uniformity is something that my administration will work upon. However, it would be wrong to assume there has not been an attempt to further church unity because that is why CCZ is there in the first place,” Fr Chikoya said.

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