Church should use public events to preach morality

EMELDA Musonda.

DURING the recently held Mosi Day of Thunder in Livingstone, it was reported that one million condoms were used.
It is sad that in a Christian nation it has become a norm for some organisations to distribute condoms during public events in anticipation of heightened sexual activities.
Every time there is a huge public event, the media carries screaming reports of how many condoms have been distributed by some organisations in the name of safeguarding lives from HIV and AIDS.
I believe the church should rise up to overshadow messages of condomisation through the preaching of abstinence and keeping the marriage bed pure. The church should equally be strategic and find ways of bombarding public events with messages of morality to appeal to conscience.
While proponents of condomisation claim that distribution of condoms is a way of preventing HIV, the sad reality is that the action also encourages sexual immorality which is against biblical principles to which we ascribe as a Christian nation.
When availed with condoms some people develop an illusionary sense of security and confidence to engage in sexual activities with anyone and multiple partners knowing that they will escape the physical consequences. Some married people and unmarried alike are subtly lured into sexual immorality knowing that they will not be haunted by HIV infection or pregnancy.
While a condom may help an individual escape responsibility of pregnancy and contracting HIV and STIs, there are far more hidden repercussions – both spiritual and physical – to sexual immorality than a mere latex tube can handle.
In God’s eyes marriage is a covenant between two people – a man and a woman – which should be upheld. The Bible spells out serious repercussions for breaking the marriage covenant. Hebrews 13:4 says: “Marriage should be honoured by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.”
Needless to say fornication or adultery is sin with or without a condom. A condom cannot therefore save one from the judgment of God.
It is also true that a condom cannot prevent divorce, loss of respect, integrity, trust and even destiny that results from sexual immorality.
World over, there are so many people living in the shadows of their great destines. Some of these people have been at apex of life before but somehow have fallen from grace. Others have never even had an opportunity to experience the great destiny that God intended for them.
This is not because these individuals are not smart, hardworking or meant to be great but somewhere along the path of life they unknowingly or knowingly mortgaged their success for the pleasure of sexual sin.
There are so many people in our society who were once great politicians, businessmen, sportsmen, clergymen and professionals in various fields, who have gone into oblivion not because they are no longer skilled individuals or have decided to rest but because they lost their honour and life decided to retire them involuntarily.
Most people who have lost honour blame it on enemies around them overlooking the enemy within themselves, which is sexual sin.
This is because many people fail to see the correlation between sexual sin and their destiny.
In 2017, between January and August, Zambia recorded 28,101 cases of divorce. In the first quarter of 2018, 4,000 cases were recorded.
It is indisputable that the indiscriminate distribution of condoms also has a hand in the rising divorce cases because some individuals are given a false sense of assurance that even if they commit adultery there will be no evidence which usually manifest through STIs and pregnancies.
However, there is no secret under the sun. Adulterers still get exposed and divorce is usually the end result.
In case of divorce, children, especially young ones, are the major victims as they risk becoming delinquent.
Research indicates that children who come from broken homes have a higher probability of engaging in drug abuse, crime and prostitution.
If the family, which is the foundation on which society is anchored, crumbles, then society too cannot stand, which is even a much bigger problem.
While condoms may prevent HIV and STIs, reality is that they cannot prevent soul ties and exchange of spirits which occurs during sexual intercourse.
The Bible in 2 Corinthians 12:21 says, “He that has sex with a prostitute becomes one body with her. And since she has had multiple partners that became one with her, you become one with the people she slept with.”
Every time a man and woman engage in sex their souls are knit together and there is an exchange of spirits.
There are people who may have been morally upright but the moment they slept with someone with a problem of lust, they were corrupted because they became one.
Needless to say this does not just apply to prostitutes but includes any other person one may have a sexual encounter with including, lunatics, murderers, witches or wizards, liars, criminals and the list goes on.
Whoever one sleeps with they become one. If one sleeps with many partners they become entangled in a network of soul ties.
This is one of the reasons we have so many troubled marriages due to fragmented souls. Unless the soul ties are broken through prayer one cannot give themselves fully to their marriage partner. Frustration and infidelity becomes a vicious cycle.
Given the devastating physical, emotional and spiritual effects of sexual immorality, the church as the salt of the world cannot sit idly and allow individuals and organisations blinded by money to mislead society especially the young ones.
The church must rise up and let its voice be more audible on abstinence and morality.
The author is Zambia Daily Mail editorials editor.

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