‘Church should be symbol of unity, love’


WESTERN Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu has called on the Church to be a symbol of unity and love as it has a huge following which

looks up to it for guidance.
Mr Mubukwanu said there is need for the Church to be united as it has the responsibility of reaching out to the afflicted.
He said the church is an important institution in national governance and deserves to be commended for its commitment towards uplifting the lives and spiritual welfare of people in communities.
“Like Government which has a huge responsibility of reaching out to the people, the church equally bears that responsibility and it is my appeal that the Church upholds the symbol of love and unity,” he said.
Mr Mubukwanu said this during the induction church service for Reverend Josphat Sinkala as minister in charge of United Church of Zambia (UCZ)’s All Saints congregation on Sunday in Mongu.
The induction service was presided by UCZ Western Presbyterian Bishop Rev Lubinda Manyondo.
Mr Mubukwanu urged Rev Sinkala to be a blessing to the church by preaching love.
He said Rev Sinkala, who is also chairperson for Mongu North Consistory, need to be a role model as he will preside over a number of churches.
And in his homily, Rev Sinkala pledged to be a good leader and called for support from everyone.
He said he will serve the church and God to the best of his ability.
Meanwhile, Bishop Manyondo urged Rev Sinkala not to use his position in the church to drive his personal agenda.
Bishop Manyondo said many are the times the ministers of God have abandoned the flock after perusing a personal agenda.
“I want to urge you to be the same good Sinkala that we know you and always engage the membership on any issue if need arise,” he said.
Bishop Manyondo also said that it is the duty of the church to pray for the leadership in Government.
And All Saints congregation secretary Chiba Chumya said the church is grateful to receive Rev Sinkala.
Mr Chumya said Rev Sinkala has an insight of the congregation as he has already made visitation to 70 percent of its membership.

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