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Church priest, elder in court over sputum

A NEW Apostolic Church priest sued his church elder for defamation him for alleging that the priest makes magic money and had carnal knowledge of his mother.
But Buchi local court senior magistrate Elita Bwalya advised the two church leaders to

iron out their differences amicably in line with principles of love and forgiveness that the church promotes.
Paul Likomeno, a priest in the New Apostolic Church sued Mubiana Silumesi, a church elder of the same church.
Likomeno narrated that on the material day, he went to Silumesi’s home to ask how much the goats he keeps are sold for and that whilst there, he spat some sputum.
He narrated that after he spat again, Silumesi told him to bury his sputum as not doing so was bad manners.
Likomeno said the two differed after that statement because he did not spit deliberately but only did so because his blood pressure had shot up.
He testified that when the two met again the following day, Silumesi started accusing Likomeno of making magic money and alleged that he sleeps with his own mother.
Likomeno said the two had a scuffle.
In his defence, Silumesi denied the allegations.
He narrated that when Likomeno went to his home to ask for the price of the goats, he found him (Silumesi) sitting outside with five of his workmates but that without any regard for them, he carelessly spat on the ground without even burying the saliva.
Silumesi narrated that after the incident, he tried to greet Likomeno the following day but he responded by hurling insults at him and threatening to take him to court.
He narrated that he confided in another priest who advised him to ask for forgiveness from Likomeno who insisted that he could only forgive Silumesi if he admitted a case of defamation.
Magistrate Bwalya advised the parties to resolve the issue using their church channel as both of them were senior members of the same church and gave adjourned the case to another date.


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