Church opposes mandatory jab

THE Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) says while it supports efforts being made by Government to contain the coronavirus, it does not believe vaccines must be made mandatory. The church mother body says while Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo opened the room for consultations during her media briefing on Tuesday, her statement on mandatory vaccination was not clear. “While we appreciate the conciliatory message [on Tuesday] by the Minister of Health, the messaging regarding the vaccine issue remains unclear, principally inconsistent and too contradictory,” EFZ executive director Andrew Mwenda said in a statement. “We have said it before and reiterate the same that as and when vaccines may be available, they must not be made mandatory for everyone, neither should Government lay conditions that may appear to coerce individuals to be vaccinated. Doing so will be a violation of constitutional human rights of Zambians. “To that end, we are requesting the Ministry of Health to withdraw or to revise the statement that is instructing mandatory vaccination by making government offices off limit to unvaccinated citizens.” During her briefing, Ms Masebo said no one is being forced to get vaccinated but Government will not CLICK TO READ MORE

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