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Church caretaker denies housebreaking, theft

A CARETAKER of New Apostolic Church in Choma has denied breaking into a house and stealing household goods, chickens and sausages worth over K9,000.
This is in a case in which Allen Muleya, 36, has been found with a case to answer for alleged burglary and theft.
It is alleged that Muleya, on June 25 this year in Choma, broke into Cecilia Daka’s house with intent to commit a felony therein and stole a home theatre system, digital video disc (DVD) player, television set, two blankets, three duvets, a pair of bed sheets, three suitcases, four curtains, four pairs of shoes, three jerseys, assorted clothes, three chickens and two packets of sausages worth K9,100.
When the matter came up for defence before magistrate Victoria Chitulangoma last Wednesday, Muleya denied breaking into Ms Daka’s house and stealing the property. He testified that he was surprised that police officers apprehended him for alleged possession of suspected stolen clothes.
Muleya claimed that he picked the clothes outside his house and that he bought the speakers.
“Between January and February this year towards the end of the rainy season, I picked some clothes near my house, some of the clothes were hanging on a line and heavily soaked while some of the clothes had fallen to the ground,” Muleya said.
He testified that he picked the clothes for safe keeping and had them for some time but that he later decided to give some of them to a vulnerable church member.
He said during the same period, a Mr Joe Bubala went to his house and sold him some speakers.
Muleya said he was surprised that police officers later apprehended him for possession of suspected stolen clothes and speakers.
Defence continues.

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