Christmas fever grips Kasumbalesa border

NKWETO MFULA, Kasumbalesa border
KASUMBALESA border is in a festive mood as local traders and consumers from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are flocking to the area to sell and buy various goods in readiness for Christmas and New Year celebrations.
There is heavy traffic of traders and consumers dealing in goods such as food stuffs, non-food stuffs and agricultural produce around the one-stop border.
A check at the border revealed that market stalls are all occupied with some traders marketing their merchandise on the sides of the main Kasumbesla road.
And speaking in an interview, Chililabombwe district commissioner Stuart Chitumbo said this time of the year there is heavy presence of traders at Kasumbalesa border post.
Mr Chitumbo said there is increased trade at the border as traders and consumers from both Zambia and the DRC ready themselves for Chrismas and New Year celebrations
“Yes, there is a lot of trade going on especially this time of the year. A good number of traders come to market their goods at the border, it’s a festive season mood,” he said.
Mr Chitumbo has also expressed happiness at the increased number of traders from DR Congo using legal routes.
“With the establishment of the COMESA cross-border traders’ business information desk, a lot of people are using the proper entry points as opposed to using bush paths,” he said.
And a poultry trader from Kitwe, Muzeya Mulunda, said during this season the birds sell like “hot cakes”.
“It is time to raise money for our school going children as well as prepare for our festive season. We come to market our chickens here at the border. There is a ready market for agricultural produce,” he said.
Mr Mulunda said there is need for Chililabombwe Municipal Council to put up a shelter to ease the hardships traders experience especially during the rainy season.
And a consumer from the DRC, Melody Kaseke, said agricultural produce is bought mainly from the Zambian side.
“We come to buy our food stuffs from here, we also bring fish, textiles, phones and other goods from DRC to sell at the market,” she said.

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