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Christmas as viewed by different people

CHRISTMAS means differently to different groups of people: to some it is about being kind to friends and strangers and sharing the good cheer by giving out much more than they do during the year.
For others it is a date on their calendar to attend a church service while for others it is that time of the year for exchanging gifts and putting up decorations. Most important, it is when Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus, the greatest gift God gave mankind over two thousand years ago. As part of His family, God sent Jesus so that we could become His spiritual children.
Family is of paramount importance to God. Celebrating the value of family and friendship at Christmas time is a reflection of that first Christmas night when Jesus came to earth. He could have sent Jesus as a fully grown adult, but instead He gave Jesus an earthly mother and father who raised Him as a normal child.
It was therefore, lovely to see families spend time together; parents, guardians, young adults, youths and children celebrate one of the important holidays – Christmas Day at a number of venues in Lusaka. This could have been the trend throughout the country. While some people were casually dressed for the day others were in their Sunday best having obviously first gone to Church to attend Christmas service.
At one venue, while some families chose to buy food and drinks from the restaurant, others decided to have barbeques as a way of bonding with each other; it was such a pleasing picture to behold.
What struck my attention was how well behaved the young adults were, they fitted in so well. This was in total contrast to what has become the norm in some public places. There was no rowdy behaviour or excessive beer drinking; the young people were more interested in swimming and dancing to music that was blaring out some popular local music as others chatted and took ‘selfies’ to capture the special day. The atmosphere was so peaceful with everyone minding their own business. Maybe it was because of the presence of security guards who kept criss-crossing the well-kept lawns.
It is a fact that when parents and guardians spend time with their children, the children especially young adults are less likely to misbehave or get up to mischief. Spending time with family assures children of their parents’ love. Some children especially young people play up and end up giving into the negative influences of peer pressure as a way of attracting the attention of their parents or guardians when they feel neglected.
And to cap an almost perfect family day out, as the early evening approached, ‘Father Christmas’ donned his red and white outfit to dole out goodies mainly to the children. Again I was struck by the orderly manner the children responded to the special treat. There was no shoving or shouting.
The venue was suitable for all ages, families were able to spend time in an atmosphere that was suitable for all ages without one age group feeling out of place.
Remember, children are our future, until next week, take care.
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