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Christine dreams of being an engineer some day

WHILE others are suffering from indecision on which career path to take once they complete their secondary school, Christine Chakulunta a grade 12 pupil at Makeni Ecumenical Secondary School has settled for civil engineering.
She feels there is need to change the design and construction of most buildings in the country and she is committed to bringing about the change.
“The state of most roads, bridges and other infrastructure in our country leaves much to be desired. I think I will contribute to constructing new ones with different designs and standards so as to add beauty to our country,” she said with a smile.
The first in a family of five, Christine is determined to contribute to transforming the country’s construction sector by designing structure that will meet international standards.
Christine, who is also the head girl at her school, studies very hard as she is fully aware that the road to success requires focus and determination.
Each day that comes draws her closer to her dream and she does not leave anything to chance. Her favourite subjects at school are English, Civic education and History.
When she gets free time, Christine does home chores after which she gets a book to study. Her hobbies include singing, dancing and swimming.
“I want to uplift the status of my family by helping to pay schools for younger siblings and also build a big house for my mother,” she said.
Christine would in future consider going to the United Kingdom to go and learn on how most roads and bridges have been done.
An avid Pentecostal, Christine believes in God saying he is the creator and reason why she exists. She has advised her fellow young people to always work hard in life if there are to succeed in their endeavours.

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