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Christian values trigger strong marriage bond

THE first time that Peter Mwanza met Esnart Moyo, he was convinced that she was going to become his wife. The two met in Chelstone on June 10, 2013.
According to him, the voice of God spoke to him that she was the right person for him on that day. Peter met Esnart at his sister’s place, when she, together with his sister-in-law, came to visit him.
“I had just come from Livingstone where I was working. The first time I set my eyes on her, I felt peace in my heart and later the voice of God spoke to me, this was a clear indication that she was a God- given partner to me,” he said.
It took exactly two weeks for Peter to make his intentions known to Esnart, prior to this, the two only greeted each other at church.
Though she frequently visited him, Peter’s patience was almost running out as it took a month for her to respond to his proposal.
“She came home every time I called and whenever I asked about my request, she always said she needed more time and this did not go well with me. When I asked after a month, her response was ‘I would not be coming to your house if I did not accept your proposal’,” Peter said.
The two courted for a year and later got married on June 7, 2014. Peter describes his marriage to Esnart as one that is strong and built on trust in God.
He says each day that comes presents itself with an opportunity for their marriage to get stronger.
Though life was challenging in the beginning of their marriage, Peter says he has seen the power and hand of God work in his life.
“We started in a two-roomed house. I did not have any thing apart from my job and a small salary when we got married. It was challenging for most people to believe our current status especially when we look back from where my wife and I started,” Peter said with a smile.
He believes tolerance, understanding and patience are cardinal if a marriage is to be strong and firm.
Peter has advised young people not to look at someone’s possession or beauty when looking for a partner to settle down with.
“No condition is permanent, Beauty fades and materials things do not last but love is supreme and it conquers everything. Young people must seek the face of God before they go out there in search of a partner,” he said.
For Esnart, meeting with Peter was a dream come true and also an answered prayer.
Though she was shy and took a month to respond to his proposal, it was clear in her mind that he was that man she had been praying about.
Both her spiritual father and friend at church told her that they had been having revelations about her getting married.
“I had been fasting and going to mountains praying about a marriage partner. Before, Peter came to m,e my spiritual told me that she was seeing me in a wedding dress.
My friend also told me that she on four different occasion dreamed of me getting, it was a confirmation from God when Peter proposed to me,” Esnart said.
She said she was shocked when he proposed to her because the first thing he told her was that he wanted to marry her and not to pass time.
She has described Peter as a husband, a brother, a father and a confidant who is always there for her in her difficult times.
Esnart says she is honest to Peter and that she appreciates whatever little thing that he gives her. She says she does not complain and always thanks God for her husband.
“My husband is a good man who is humble and also understanding, whenever he is wrong, he admits and later apologises. When I am wrong, I also apologise to him,” she said.
Esnart said, understanding, tiedhonest, respect, love for each and above all the fear of God has been a corner stone of their marriage.
She has advised married woman to be content with their husbands and avoid comparing their marriages to those of others.
Esnart has advised young women to take their time to know the person they want to get into a relationship with.
“The Bible is clear on the issues of marriage. It says, people must first seek the kingdom of God before they think of anything then everything shall be given unto them.
“Our God is a listening God, one just has to be faithful to Him and He gives according to the desires of one’s heart,” Esnart said. The couple live in Chelstone and has one child together.

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