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Christ, the reason for the season

TODAY we wish all our readers, wherever they are, a merry Christmas.  We are confident they are rejoicing because the Saviour, Jesus Christ, is born.
The hype we have experienced in the last few days finds its climax today – Christmas Day – when we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
The Bible narratives show us how the Messiah, who had been promised from long ago, even as far back as in Genesis, would be born with a sole mission  to save the world from sin.
His birth is, therefore, a fulfillment of prophecy but much more an act of God’s kindness to man in giving his only Son to be the Saviour of the world due to the fact that man is incapable of saving himself.
It is the greatest gift that God could ever give to this world that had rebelled against him and that is why there is such joy, as we see, from the Bible narratives.
In Luke 2, an angel of the Lord, in announcing the birth of Christ to the shepherds, state that they bring great news of joy that will be for all the people and they go on to explain Christ’s birth.
The birth of Christ means the coming of peace to this world, the peace only Christ can give to man through reconciliation.
Matthew, in talking about the birth of Christ, says his name will be Jesus because he will save his people from their sins.
What news can gladden the heart than that which brings a message of salvation and peace to man?
This is why we rejoice at Christmas time. God, in human flesh has come down to save man, an act of goodwill towards mankind.
This means each one should reflect on what the birth of Christ means to them and how they can apply it to their life.
We have seen in the past few days some preparations going on in readiness for today and while that is good, we want to urge all to celebrate sensibly.
It is not a time to engage in activities whose consequences will emerge after all the hype has died down. Everyone is duty bound to be responsible in their actions.
It is a time for family gatherings and sharing, with the best form of sharing being based on the reason for the season – Christ. Let him be the centre of all the hype so that he is born in their hearts.
As people share their love and goodwill towards one another, they should focus on Christ who left heaven to be born as a baby in a manger.
Yes, while those who are opposed to this day contend that it is not the actual day and so they keep away, those who celebrate agree but they commemorate it as a reminder of the birth of Christ, the saviour of the world.
We want to urge all , therefore, to demonstrate that they are happy because the Saviour ‘is born today in Bethlehem, by the way they celebrate and commemorate this day.
Merry Christmas.