Letter to the Editor

Chongwe pupils sleeping on floor after buying mattresses

Dear editor,
AUTHORITIES at Chongwe Secondary School should tell parents why some Grade 12 pupils are sleeping on bare bunker beds and on the floor.
Where have the mattresses we were forced to buy for each of the children when they were reporting in Grade 10?

We took our child, who is preparing for Grade 12 examinations on Monday when the schools opened.

But he was not given a mattress because they had run out.
This is unfair to the pupils and their parents. We are told that the school has been hiring out mattresses to distance learning students at a certain university who use them during their residential stints and that the university has not returned the mattresses.
But why can’t the university buy mattresses for its students using part of the exorbitant tuition fees they pay?
Our child has been sleeping on the floor since Monday and we are now forced to buy another mattress for him.
Can Grade 12 results improve if pupils who are in examination classes are subjected to such prison conditions?
We need answers.


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