Chongo, Chilambe bemoan Matete’s election exclusion


CHINGOLA-BASED sports administrator Jim Chongo is disappointed with the Zambia Amateur Athletics Association’s decision to bar athletics legend Samuel Matete (right) from challenging incumbent president Elias Mpondela.
Chongo said in Chingola yesterday that Matete had a democratic right to aspire for the top position in the national athletics governing body.
He said there is need for ZAAA councillors to level the playing field for members of the athletics fraternity to freely participate in elections.
“It is very unfortunate that Matete has been barred from challenging Mr Mpondela at the forthcoming elections. This is not good for Zambian athletics because people like him should be free to contribute to the development of athletics in the country,” Chongo said.
Speaking in a separate interview, boxing legend Mike Chilambe said he is not happy with the manner Matete has been treated since the time he declared his intentions to challenge Mpondela.
Chilambe said democracy was lacking in ZAAA and that individuals holding positions in sports associations should always be ready to be challenged during elections.
“Matete should have been allowed to stand for the position of president in ZAAA rather than what we’re seeing. This is not good for democracy. He is a former athlete who has every right to contest any position in ZAAA,” Chilambe said.
He said the credibility of ZAAA is at risk because of the manner some individuals are being barred from participating in this weekend’s elections for allegedly not being in good standing with the association.

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