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Choma man in court for smoking marijuana

A SINAZONGWE man, 58, has told the Choma Magistrate’s Court that apart from smoking marijuana, he uses the illicit drug to treat epilepsy and exorcise bad spirits.
In this case, Maxon Siansimba, a farmer of Bulozya village, is charged with unlawful cultivation of psychotropic substances.
It is alleged that on May 24 this year in Sinazongwe, Siansimba unlawfully cultivated 15.1kg plants of psychotropic substance from which marijuana can be extracted.
When the matter came up for plea before chief resident magistrate Willie Sinyangwe on Friday, Siansimba admitted the charge.
“I admit the charge I smoke the marijuana. I also use it to protect people from epilepsy. I also administer it on infants to protect them from bad spirits,” he said.
When asked if he had lawful authority to administer the drug, Siansimba replied in the negative.
The court set June 4 this year for written facts.
In the same court, a 31-year-old brick-layer of Choma was slapped with a 30-day jail term with hard labour and fined K1,500 or in default, three months simple imprisonment for trafficking in 59gramms of marijuana.
In this case, it is alleged that on May 25 this year, in Choma, Choongo Mulongwe trafficked in 59grammes of marijuana, a psychotropic substance from which cannabis sativa can be extracted.
“I admit the charge. The marijuana was found in my pocket. I smoke it when molding bricks because it gives me power…I work well when I smoke it,” he told the court.
In mitigation, Mulongwe asked the court for leniency because he is a breadwinner.
However, passing sentence, Mr Sinyangwe said: “You need to be divorced from this drug so that you can come back to your normal senses”.