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Choma court issues bench warrant for Livingstone woman

THE Choma Magistrate court has issued a bench warrant for a Livingstone woman for failure to appear in court to testify against a taxi driver who is alleged to have raped her.
Marvelous Chulu, 22, a taxi driver of Shampande in Choma, is alleged to have had carnal knowledge of the woman without her consent on March 25, this year.
When the matter came up for trial before magistrate Mbololwa Mukela on Tuesday, public prosecutor Coilard Sikwalulwa told the court that the complainant and another witness were not present.
Ms Mukela then called for the arresting officer to explain where the witnesses were.
“I have been in touch with the complainant and I spoke to her on phone yesterday, and she informed me that she would be here today.
“I phoned her this morning, but she did not pick up my calls, it’s like she is not interested in this issue your honour,” inspector Evans Chabusha of Choma Central Police, victim support unit, explained to the court.
At this point, Ms Mukela said her court will not tolerate witnesses who want to deliberately stay away from the court and “dictate the fate of cases.”
Mr Sikwalulwa then applied for a warrant against the complainant and another witness named, John Milimo, for contempt of court.
“It’s like the witness (complainant) is trying to run away from the fact that she reported this matter to the police. When the matter came up last time, I spoke with both witnesses and told them to appear today, but they have not followed the court’s direction,” Mr Sikwalulwa said.
In granting the application, Ms Mukela said it was clear that the complainant was deliberately neglecting to appear before the court.
“She personally went to report this matter to the police. This is a very serious case and we won’t let witnesses dictate how cases should go. I grant the application for the issuance of warrants of arrest for both witnesses,” The case was adjourned to September 22, for return of bench warrant.

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