Choma body, Czechs ink feed project

THE Choma District Dairy Co-operative Union and Milk Collection Centre and Czech Republic Development Agency (CDA) have launched an animal feed production project for the farmers to have a stable supply feed throughout the year.
The project to be funded by the Czech Republic Development Co-operation is aimed at developing the capacity of the Choma District Dairy Union Co-operative and Monze Dairy Farmers Cooperative Union member farmers in production of feed for dairy cattle.
This is according to the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) Friday brief availed to the Daily Mail last week.
Under the project, farmers will also be educated on appropriate use of agricultural equipment for animal feed production upto 2017.
The project dubbed ‘Appropriate and Stable Fodder Production for Dairy Cattle on Small Scale Farms’ was launched last week.
“The newly-launched project will significantly support the local dairy farmers considering that most of them are traditional cattle keepers. The farmers acknowledged that fodder production will certainly bring change to local dairy farms by integrating a stable feeding system throughout the year,” the statement reads.
Meanwhile, Chibombo District Farmers Association has established an agro-forestry centre to be used to train farmers and as a base to raise tree seedlings.
The initiative will help farmers grow seedlings that will be beneficial such as moringa, lucina, licidia and musangu, which are good at nitrogen-fixation.

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