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Choma assaulter jailed 9 months, gets beating in holding cell

THERE was drama at the Choma Magistrate’s Court last Tuesday when a 34-year-old carpenter convicted of assault screamed for help barely two minutes after being led to a holding cell, where suspects beat him up.
The incident happened shortly after magistrate Mbololwa Mukela slapped a nine-month jail sentence on Oscar Sikaaba for assaulting James Mudenda.
Sikaaba caused a stir and disturbed court proceedings when he screamed for help from the holding cell, which is attached to the courtroom.
“Nafa ine!Bazani paya ine! [I am dying, they are going to kill me],” Sikaaba screamed in Nyanja.
This prompted Ms Mukela to instruct police officers to immediately investigate the fracas.
“Officers, can you bring that person who is causing confusion in there,” Ms Mukela said
Police officers rushed into the holding cell and, shortly after, emerged with Sikaaba in the company of a suspect alleged to have assaulted him.
Blood oozed from a cut on top of Sikaaba’s left eye.
When asked by Ms Mukela who had assaulted him, Sikaaba pointed at a suspect in the holding cell.
“You, within a few seconds and you did this [assault], officers can you investigate this matter and charge the person who did this, and they will get used.
“I won’t tolerate this nonsense of suspects doing foolish things instead of repenting, let this man [Sikaaba] sit here [courtroom]while you investigate the matter,” Ms Mukela said.
Earlier, Ms Mukela told Sikaaba that she would send him to prison to deter would-be offenders who believe that beating others is a solution to resolving problems.