Letter to the Editor

Cholera will continue to strike if…

Dear editor,
ZAMBIA is our country; it is not our animal farm.

People throw litter everywhere.
When one goes to South Africa, they fear to throw litter anyhow.
Our mindset is polluted. We are not patriotic.
Does it have to take Government, through the Zambia Army to clean the streets?
From the time Lusaka central business district and other towns were cleaned, dirt is beginning to pile up again. What kind of people are we?
We only know how to insult each other?
If there was a weak arm in the administration of late President Michael Sata (MHSRIP), it’s allowing vendors and cadres to take up the streets and parking lots. These vendors are supposed to be in state farms and poultry industries, selling and exporting food on behalf of the country.
Since the cleaning exercise began, has any vendor died of starvation because of being chased from the streets? Have they been chased from homes for failing to pay rentals and land rates?
Illiteracy and physical hygiene do not go hand in hand. It does not require one to have a bachelor’s degree to learn how to wash hands, cook and eat food while it’s still hot.
London has 16 million people. Lusaka has four times less that number. Why isn’t there a single person dying of bacterial infection in England? Or in Johannesburg?
As long as we wait for Government to clean markets, streets and homes for us, cholera will continue to strike and reap so many souls.

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