‘Cholera still threat’


MINISTRY of Health spokesperson Kennedy Malama has appealed to members of the public to continue upholding high levels of hygiene to prevent the outbreak of waterborne diseases.

Dr Malama said the rainy season is not yet over, and that cholera and other waterborne diseases still have the potential to break out.
He said in an interview that the Ministry of Health is carrying out sensitisation activities to educate the public on matters of hygiene.
“The rainy season has not yet ended; people need to continue practising high levels of hygiene. We have not recorded any cases of cholera at the moment, but we do not want to take chances. This is about personal hygiene, people should takecare of themselves and the surroundings,” he said.
Dr Malama urged the media to disseminate information that will help the public prevent the outbreak and keep them alert.
And Dr Malama said over 80 cholera cases have been recorded in Chiengi district in Luapula Province since it broke out in February this year.
Dr Malama said the province has not recorded any death, and that no new cases have been recorded in the past eleven days.


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