Chiwala Road rehab starts


GOVERNMENT has flagged off the reconstruction of Chiwala Road, which leads to the industrial hub of Ndola.

And Senior Chief Chiwala is happy about the step taken to start reconstructing the road because of the huge economic benefit it has to the country.
Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo, who flagged off the rebuilding of the 15km stretch of the road on Saturday, said Government is ready to engage the private sector for a possible public-private partnership to speed up the construction works.
BHL Zambia, Handyman’s Lime Company, Lafarge Zambia, Nizam Crushers, Mei Mei Construction, Ndola Lime Company, Neelkanth Lime Company, Neelkanth Cables and Zambezi Portland Cement are some of the companies that frequently use Chiwala Road.
“We will rip off this whole road and start the process of reconstructing it,” Mr Lusambo said.
He said engineers from the Road Development Agency and those from companies that operate in the area will work together to rebuild Chiwala Road.
Mr Lusambo said most companies are willing to partner with Government in reconstructing the road as part of their corporate social responsibility.
And Senior Chief Chiwala said organisations that regularly transport goods on the road are happy to have it built again to ease transportation.
“The area is a hub of the Copperbelt, it contributes to national development and it will be good for transporting things that are manufactured here.

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