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Chiteta, Malaya allegedly killed nine women in Kabwe

WITH his arms handcuffed, the dark-complexioned murder suspect walked with difficulty. Fished out of a police cell, some officers handled him pitilessly despite his apparent injury. “Off white” was the bold-lettered inscription on his camouflage T-shirt partly covered by a coat. It attracted unsolicited attention as the officers pushed him towards a police Toyota Land Cruiser, a few metres away. “That one, [as we asked which one?], yes that one, the one who is limping is [Joseph] Chiteta,” said one plain-clothed police officer on a vehicle parked outside Kabwe Central Police Station on June 23 this year.
It was around mid-day and hence hot. Police officers on a blue Toyota Land Cruiser frighteningly pointed their loaded firearms at him as they received him on their vehicle. With authoritative voices, they scolded him to sit down and avoid wasting their time.Their facial expressions and whatever they said of this man clad in murky blue jeans trousers exposed their displeasure with him. If orders for his execution were issued, the officers would have torn him into pieces right there and then, in an instant justice of some sort. Worse still, they would have gladly just shot him dead without any apology.Chiteta had defied all odds. While in a correctional facility in Kabwe but taking advantage of his special stage inmate status, he confessed to having gruesomely killed eight to nine women he lured into his trap. At 53, Chiteta was serving a 20-year jail term at Kabwe Medium Correctional Facility for aggravated robbery.  He escaped from the correctional facility on April 7, this year apparently after catching wind that police were closing in on him over cases of women who had gone missing. His whereabouts were unknown for some lengthy period after his seepage from incarceration until May 23 last year when he was arrested in Ndola for suspected murder and aggravated robbery. He was taken back to Kabwe, where he was on the Wanted List for rape and murder. According to the police, Chiteta confessed having CLICK TO READ MORE