Chisopa warns ‘uncivil’ servants


CENTRAL Province Minister Davies Chisopa has warned civil servants frustrating the implementation of the electronic voucher (e-voucher) system.
During a press conference on Thursday, President Lungu said the e-voucher has so far worked effectively but the system has not been effective in Central Province as some civil servants are working to frustrate it.
In an interview yesterday, Mr Chisopa echoed President Lungu’s concerns on the implementation of the programme in Central Province and called for a positive attitude in implementing the programme.
“For those charged with the responsibility of implementing the e-voucher, they should know that it is a government programme and it should benefit farmers. They should take the concerns of President Lungu very seriously,” Mr Chisopa said.
Mr Chisopa said no-one has the right to frustrate the e-voucher because the programme is meant to improve the distribution of farming inputs.
He also urged people distributing inputs under the farmer input support programme (FISP) to ensure that eligible farmers receive the inputs.
He also commended President Lungu for stressing the need for Zambia to “walk the talk” in diversifying the country’s economy through sectors like agriculture rather than perpetually depending on mining.
“We need to support our President on the need to look to agriculture in growing our economy because we also have the potential of being a food basket in the region,” Mr Chisopa said.

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