Chisokone market drainage, sewer systems need overhauling – Kang’ombe

KITWE mayor Christopher Kang’ombe says the drainage and sewer systems at Chisokone market in Kitwe need overhauling.
Mr Kang’ombe said in an interview yesterday that the two systems in their current state are failing to guarantee adequate sanitation for traders at the market and that something should be done to address the situation.

He is saddened that a number of traders answer the call of nature in some of the blocked drainages at the market and that this is posing as a health hazard to both the traders and the customers that go to the market.

“We need a drainage works project similar to the one being funded by the Millennium Challenge Account,” he said.
Mr Kang’ombe said the market does not have proper sewer lines and that the old line that does not cover the entire market will also need overhauling.
He said his office will soon engage Nkana Water and Sewerage Company (NWSC) in order to make recommendations on possible redesigning and costing.
He said once the new sewer line is designed and costs are estimated, the ministries of local Government and Water and Sanitation will be engaged in order to see how best the challenge can be addressed.
And Mr Kang’ombe said Kitwe City Council (KCC) will soon take steps to provide public health awareness on the dangers of poor sanitary conditions at Chisokone market.
“I was saddened to discover that some traders urinate in the blocked drainage even though there are two main toilets connected to an existing short sewer line,” he said,
And a Chisokone market trader, Emily Muyunda, urged the council to address sanitation issues at the market before the onset of the rains.
Ms Muyunda said traders at Chisokone contribute a lot in terms of revenue at the KCC and that they therefore deserve to work in a conducive environment.
Another trader, Lameck Chiyuni, said the council should ensure acceptable sanitary conditions are achieved at the market to prevent outbreaks of diseases.


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