Letter to the Editor

Chirundu water services poor

Dear Editor,
Kindly allow us to expose the gross and inept service delivery by the management at Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWASCO) in Chirundu district.
We are currently experiencing 10 straight days, if not more, of no water supply to our houses.  We are mostly relying on a few neighbours with boreholes and sometimes we buy it expensively from the few that receive trickles of the commodity in the dead of night. The total costs we are now incurring on our daily water needs from purchasing water from neighbours is proving far too much.We hope they [LWASCO] will refund us all the expenses we have incurred.
We have resorted to going directly to the Zambezi River to draw our water for drinking, washing, bathing and for ablution, a process which exposes our children to crocodile attacks. If we lose a child to these beasts, the manager will be held directly culpable.
When we approach their offices for an explanation, no satisfactory answers are availed to us.
We are told it is all due to a broken down pump, which is often replaced with a second-hand one of a lower power rating which also does not last or quickly breaks down.
Are there no water engineers who can offer a lasting solution to our water blues?
The population of Chirundu district has expanded, increasing demand on the existing water reticulation infrastructure, so LWASCO management ought to have anticipated this development and prepared for the increased pressure.
We are calling on the powers that be to quickly crack the whip if need be and bring sanity to Chirundu LWASCO Branch.

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