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Chipili farmers get agro tips

AGRICULTURAL authorities in Chipili district have embarked on training farmers in animal draught power to enhance agricultural activities in the area.
Chipili district agricultural coordinator Havitus Sempela said in an interview in Mansa last week that so far, 40 farmers have since been trained and are ready to use the acquired skills in this year’s farming season.
He said the 40 farmers who were drawn from across the district, provided two animals to make a pair and the ministry supported them with technical know-how.
“This means that we have over 20 pairs of farmers who have been trained in this type of farming, because each farmer was told to bring two animals to make a pair and those that we trained had two animals,’’ he said.
Mr Sempela said in the past, most farmers in the district used the hoe for tilling, but now Government has come up with a strategy to change their mind-set to start using other methods that can enable them cultivation larger portions.
He said the district has good arable land which should be cultivated to turn Chipili district into Luapula Province’s food basket.
“The method that we have come up with is aimed at improving on farming in our district,” he said.