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Chipata records drop in chicken price

CHIPATA has recorded a K5 reduction in the price of broiler chickens which were selling at K30 due to the market being flooded with live birds, Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) notes.
Last week, the chickens were selling at K30 from K25 from the previous week.
According to the ZNFU Agro Watch obtained by the Daily Mail on Tuesday, the flooding of live birds on the market has forced farmers to reduce the price.
“Chipata posted the lowest price for broilers at K25, which is a 16.67 percent reduction from the K30 registered last week. The price reduction has been attributed to a flooded live bird market. Therefore, farmers have been forced to reduce their prices,” the statement reads.
ZNFU also says Chipata is posting the lowest price for village (free-range) chickens at K25 due to the reduction in the price of broilers.
Similarly, Livingstone posts the lowest price of hybrid day-old chicks at K4.5 per chick.
On the Copperbelt, the union, however, says Mufulira posted the highest price for both village chickens and layers at K65 and K55 respectively while in Chingola, free-range chickens are going for K60.
In Lusaka and Kabwe, village chickens are at an average of K57 and K60 respectively.
For broiler chickens, Mansa, Choma and Lusaka registered marginal reductions in the price of hens.
In Mansa, the price of chickens decreased from K32.50 to K27.50, in Choma from K34 to K33.50 and Lusaka K32-K31.17.
Commenting on the day-old chicks, ZNFU says the price differential is due to distance from the production area.
Meanwhile, supply of day-old chicks remains stable on the market and the hatcheries are geared to ensure smooth supply of chicks to meet the current and future demand.
ZNFU says , “As the peak period approaches, all farmers are encouraged to plan their schedules in advance to avoid panic and uncoordinated orders during the next few months.”

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