Chinsali’s Mulakupikwa University to open next year

MULAKUPIKWA University in Chinsali in Muchinga Province is set to be operational in January next year.
Chinsali district commissioner Evelyn Kangwa said construction works of the university, which commenced in 2012, are on schedule and expected to be completed in November this year.
 “I am happy to announce that Mulakupikwa University will be completed in November this year and it will be commissioned in January next year,” she said.
Ms Kangwa said in an interview that once complete, the university will add value and change the face of not only Chinsali but the province as a whole.
She said more than 4,000 youths have been engaged in the construction of the university.
Ms Kangwa said people in the area are happy with the various developmental projects being undertaken by Government.
“Chinsali is no longer a rural area. We are happy that now we have a share of the national cake and we stand ready to join other Zambians in celebrating our country’s golden jubilee independence celebrations,” Ms Kangwa said.
She urged school-leavers in the province and other parts of the country to fully utilise Mulakupikwa University once operational to acquire the necessary tertiary education.

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