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Chingola’s civic leaders a disappointment

Dear editor,
I WRITE with a sad heart how civil leaders in Chingola have continued violating their civic responsibility with

Civic leaders by their nature are supposed to be people’s representatives all the time, not only when they need their votes.
It is however sad how most Chingola residents have been taken for granted by those they ushered in offices to be their mouthpiece.
It is so sad that despite reporting a spotted decomposed human body as early as Saturday near Chingola Town Cemetery, no civic leader had shown his or her face at the scene as of Tuesday morning.
One then wonders whether some of these civic leaders know their role in the community.
Why should they associate with the communities only when its election time, yet abandoning them when they are needed most?
It is for this reason that when some of us voice out our grievances, we are ‘marked’.
But we are not going to keep watching when we know that they are where they are because of us.
Time for using us is long gone.