‘Chingola youths urged to form co-operatives’

THE Ministry of Agriculture is sensitising youths in Chingola on the need to form co-operatives if they are to access the Youth Empowerment Fund to create jobs and expand their businesses.
President Lungu launched the empowerment scheme this year.
The empowerment loans will range from K10,000 to K100,000.
Chingola district commissioner Mary Chibesa said in Chingola on Thursday that experts from the ministry of Agriculture have met several youth groups in the district.
“We are going round with staff from the ministry of Agriculture to disseminate information to the stakeholders on the need to establish co-operatives to enable youths to start accessing loans from the youth empowerment scheme,” Ms Chibesa said.
She said the response from the youths attending the meetings has been overwhelming.
“A number of youths have shown willingness to establish co-operatives to empower themselves with employment,” she said.
And youth entrepreneur Don Mungulube commended Government for the initiative saying it will result in the creation of jobs.
“The encouragement from the government for us youths to establish co-operatives is welcome. It will empower a lot of youths,” he said.
Mr Mungulube said the youth empowerment scheme has not performed well, but with the sensitisation of the youths, it is bound to trigger economic ventures.
“Lack of understanding from the youths is the reason why the empowerment fund has not performed well,” he said.
Mr Mungulube said Government should through the Ministry of Youth and Sports ensure that as many youths as possible access the funds through flexible requirements.
He urged the youths in Chingola to take heed of the advice and form co-operatives to start accessing loans from the youth empowerment fund.
Mr Mungulube said the empowerment fund should not be politicised as it can be accessed by any youths regardless of their political affiliations.

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